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    Lovelynovel My Girlfriend From Turquoise Pond Requests My Help After My Millennium Seclusionblog – Chapter 104 – You Know Nothing About Power real frame propose-p2

    Novel – My Girlfriend From Turquoise Pond Requests My Help After My Millennium Seclusion – My Girlfriend From Turquoise Pond Requests My Help After My Millennium Seclusion


    Chapter 104 – You Know Nothing About Power alleged expensive

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    However it was already shattered.

    Power collided.

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    That old male got a little wolf’s directly his palm.

    Jiang Lan clarified his dilemma.

    “Cheng San, precisely what are you awaiting?”

    He was limited-sighted. He was the one who realized practically nothing about energy.

    At this moment, Feng Ji been able to break free.

    Energy then converged on his hands and fingers.

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    Feng Ji, who has been initially evenly coordinated with Jiang Lan, could not believe that that which was currently occurring.

    A highly effective push swept in most recommendations.

    He wasn’t certain that this person obtained perfected the Perfect Individual Race’s solution approach or maybe not.

    A frightened voice sounded.

    “How… how is that this feasible?”

    A frightened voice sounded.

    Jiang Lan didn’t feel like the Perfect Human being Race obtained learned about him killing Miao Xiu.

    He realized he experienced discovered a little something he shouldn’t have well-known. He or she from Kunlun would definitely not allow him to off.

    As soon as Feng Ji smacked by helping cover their his palm, Jiang Lan had already emerged right before Feng Ji.

    “Why does the Incredible Individual Competition would like to destroy me so severely?”

    One other party was simply an unstoppable monster.

    It was as if he was wanting to pick up onto a life-economizing straw.

    Jiang Lan nodded.

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    This was other party’s trump unit card. He would not enable anybody who was still alive be aware of it.

    He neglected the ideal ability to wipe out Jiang Lan.

    Jiang Lan punched out. He believed that he could shatter half of Feng J0i’s entire body.

    Feng Ji, who acquired applied a mystery process, got the strength in close proximity to that relating to a later-point Void Refinement Kingdom mighty body. In contrast, the wolf’s head Dharma value could not really shattered without the strength of a later-step Void Refinement cultivator.

    Blood stream flowed from the corner of the earlier man’s oral cavity.

    It had been as if he was about to face fatality.

    Jiang Lan viewed Feng Ji and inquired curiously.

    Feng Ji believed such as fist got grow to be everything in his world.

    On the blink of your eyeball, Feng Ji acquired accomplished forming his seals plus a palm pressed towards Jiang Lan.

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